Pro/Am Open Standard C Scholarship At The Emerald Ball

Irina Suvurov
May 14, 2010
Friday was a full day of Pro/Am Standard events.

I already did a little write up about The Emerald Ball for my Facebook page but I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Wayne and Donna once again on such a wonderful competition and great success.

It is late Friday evening and I just came back from the ballroom and am rushing to express my feelings about Pro/Am Standard Open Scholarships before I need to get back judging.

I can't stop thinking how much Pro/Am events have improved in this country in the last few years. We shouldn't even call Pro/Am partnership "student and teacher" anymore. It's more of an Amateur and Professional partnership.

A few weeks ago on Wayne's Facebook page, there was much discussion around the question of whether Pro/Ams should be judged on the student only or on the couple. Tonight I can definitely say a couple. You can't take them apart. The quality of movement, technique, lines, amount of energy was excellent. It was almost as exiting to watch as Pro events. You see serious competitor's faces, very competitive look and even collisions from time to time. It's not simply "fun" at this level of competition. There is a lot of adrenalin pumping helping dancers push the edge.

I really wanted to cover all 3 events (C, B and A) but I only have time for one. So here is a review of Pro/Am Standard "C" Open Scholarship, the biggest of all three events with 24 couples!

I was very pleasantly surprised to see quite a few gentlemen dancing Pro/Am Standard Open scholarships and was even disappointed when one of them didn't make a Semi-Final (I really wished they had been in the Final).

The Semi-Final of Pro/Am Standard "C" Open Scholarship:

#112 Linda Holland/Denis Generalov. I like Linda's dancing very much. First of all she's a great match with Denis. Her body line, posture, and feet--it's all there. Plus Linda always shows very well the character of each dance. I liked her dances with swing movement very much.

#115 Takako Trenholme/Valdas Padriezas. Takako is nice little dancer with strong feet and body. She follows Valdas very well (whom I have always thought is a very powerful dancer). Keep your head weight more to the left Takako, to create more space.

#122 Kathy Farber/Robert Kubis. Very balanced and connected partnership. Elegant look but with a bit of spice. I like it. Watch that you don't turn your shoulders when changing from promenade to closed position.

#134 Charlotte Carey/ Kostadin Bidjourov. Charlotte's got a lot of natural talent. Good feet, energy & charisma. But all those things work sometime against her as she loses connection with partner and gets heavy toward the end of the dance.

#140 Pamala Mitchell/Giacomo Agrello. Loved to watch Pamala tonight. Lovely personality, beautiful ballgown, following her partner very well. Keep your feet on the floor Pamala and you'll be nearly perfect.

#148 Beatrice Wang/Giampiero Giannico. Beatrice is a great mover. It takes a lot of work (I can imagine) to keep up with Giampiero. More upper body stretch would help to show greater flexibility in your top line.

#184 Betty Lin/Andrea Faraci. Another "good girl" trying to match a powerful "Italian boy". Very good job. Keep stretching up and out Betty.

#200 Susan Jen/Mikhail Avdeev. Susan you contiue to surprise me how much you keep improving. In every way you looked superb tonight. What I noticed most of all was your togetherness and alert look.

#268 Lynne Mijangos/Darius Mosteika. Lynne has a very nice presentation, nice footwork and leg action. Lynne, watch that you do not stay square in front of partner in outside-partner positions.

#316 Rosy Tsai/Robert Nemiro. Very nice looking couple, stylish and elegant. More energy would help to achieve greater drive.

#344 Paige Riffle/Olecsii Lytvyn. Very happy for Paige tonight. Much more together and relaxed. It takes time and miles of practice to make it together doesn't it?

#349 Jackie Johnson/Ben Ermis. I always think of Jackie as a very strong and consistent competitor. It's the feet, strong and always on the floor. She moves her body well across the floor. Please pay more attention to both sides connecting to your partner. Sometimes you lose body contact.

Unfortunately, I must get back to the ballroom and there's no time left for more commentary.

One last thing to say is that I'm glad I didn't have to judge Pro/Am Standard Open scholarship tonight. I would have had a very hard time having to mark semi-finalists, then finalists, and finally pick a winner.

By the way. I left the ballroom and don't know the results. But I have my winner. So tell me, who do you think would be my winner of Pro/Am Standard "C" Open Scholarship tonight?

Irina Suvurov is a Coach, Judge and Organizer of the Desert Classic/