Pro/Am Closed Silver International Latin Scholarship At The Emerald Ball

Katarzyna Kozak
May 14, 2010

1stAnna Tomashi and Ricky Bentzen

Very nicely put together look, powerful performance?..Nice and clean. I would like to see more bounce in Samba?lighter energy.

2ndHeidi Boyd and Alexander Novikov

Little too tight, it is lacking freedom of movement, also she looked very intense?.no change of character.

3rd Sarah Marks and Marijus Germanavicius

Nice light performance, sometimes too messy. I like the playfulness of it but it needs to be more precise.

4th Mehul Sugar and Inna Berlizyeva

Lots of enery and excitement to his dancing, I really liked the jive, he did not die?Sometimes gets a little bit ahead of the music.

5th Tatjana Luethi and Jose Valencia

Nice freedom but messy, things are either over done or not put together enough. Created lightness but hard to read.

6th Karin Schultz and Marcus Johnson

Nice performance, but lacking energy and excitement. Not enough strength, almost looked a little lazy.

Katarzyna Kozak is a Coach, Judge and Developer of Kasia's High Heels Boot Camp.