A Letter From The Los Angeles Airport Hilton

The Emerald Ball
Mar 20, 2009
Dear Emerald Ball Attendees,

In speaking with Wayne Eng, I understand that you have concerns in regard to a purported labor dispute here at the Hilton Los Angels Airport.

As you may know, our hotel is unfortunately the target of an aggressive smear campaign by the labor union UNITE HERE. In its desperate attempt to increase its membership, UNITE HERE is attempting to force our employees to become their union members without giving them a chance to vote whether or not they want to be represented. The campaign is based on many false allegations that were firstly presented in an intimidating fashion to our employees, then to the media and now directly to you.

With this letter, it is my goal to provide our side of the story. The Management and Ownership of the Hilton Los Angeles Airport takes great pride in our hotel and its dedicated team of employees. We provide excellent career opportunities, competitive wages and benefits to our workforce of approximately 700 staff members and their families. We also enjoy an unusually high employee retention rate, with more than half our employees having been with us for more than 10 years. Some have spent their entire careers with us and have grown into management positions. (For example, Anna Samayoa started here many years ago as a housekeeper and today is a member of our senior management team, responsible for directing housekeeping for our 1,200 rooms.)

Since January 2006, UNITE HERE has been attempting to organize our employees without providing them with an opportunity to vote by secret ballot on whether or not they want to unionize. They are doing this by attempting to conjure up an image of trouble at our hotel via intimidation and sporadic demonstrations. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Union-hired protestors, of whom the vast majority has no affiliation with the LAX Hilton or our employees, participate in these demonstrations. We would never force our employees to become union members and pay union dues against their will.

I understand your concerns based on the unjust pressure that you are receiving from UNITE HERE. Please know that we, and our employees, value our relationship with Emerald Ball and look forward to providing you and all of the attendees with the excellent service that you have historically come to expect.

Warm regards,

Renee Chan
Senior Sales Manager
Hilton Los Angeles Airport