Dancing Out of Category

Wayne & Donna Eng
Apr 23, 2003

DATE: 4/23/03

The organizers of the Emerald Ball DanceSport Championship would like to take this opportunity to remind the dancers, particularly the dance instructors, that we will be strictly enforcing the rules of the NDCA, particularly in the Closed Events. Many dancers recently mentioned that they felt that leniency shown toward teachers and students who dance out of category has grown to unacceptable levels in many competitions.

In the interests of being fair, we will be closely monitoring and enforcing the rules at the Emerald Ball. If a teacher is dancing in a Closed category, particularly in the Bronze level, with a student and dances outside of the category, they will be given a verbal warning by the Chairman of Judges. If the same teacher and student have a 2nd episode of this behavior, the student will be disqualified. If the 2nd episode occurs in a Final, they will place last in that Final.

In order to ensure fairness towards that teacher's other students, the warning system will start over when that same teacher dances with a new student. As an example of this system, if Teacher Tom is dancing with Student Susie and dances outside of the Closed Bronze category in the Quarter Final, Tom will be pulled aside by the Chairman of Judges and given a verbal warning. If Tom disregards this warning and continues to dance outside the category in the Semi-Final with Susie, Susie will be disqualified. If the verbal warning occurred at the Semi-Final and the second offense occurs at the Final, Tom and Susie will place last. If Tom receives a warning with Susie and then dances outside of the category with Jill, then Tom will just receive another verbal warning. However, we sincerely hope that one verbal warning will be sufficient to remind all teachers of the rules and policies governing Closed categories.

We regret any ill feelings that may arise due to these more strict enforcement policies but we feel that fair judging is crucial to every championship. We think that most dancers feel the same.

Thank You and Good Luck to All Dancers!
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