Rules & Policies

Important Rules and Policies

Pro/Am Multidance

Pro/Am Multidance Rules

To qualify for all Multidance events, a student must enter a minimum of 4 (Smooth) and 5 (Rhythm, Ballroom, Latin) Pro/Am single dances per Multidance event entered. All Multidance events are unisex competitions for adults. Closed Multidances are restricted to Bronze & Silver students. Please remember that the closed Multidances are restricted to closed syllabus figures (Bronze restricted to Bronze Syllabus and Silver restricted to Bronze & Silver Syllabus). Open Multidances are not restricted to any figures. In any Multidance event with fewer than three entries, the organizer reserves the right to eliminate the age and sex divisions and merge competitors into one division.

  • All Multidance competitors will receive 50% of the prize money offered if the event is held with three or fewer couples.
  • Students may NOT enter both Bronze & Silver Multidance levels in the same style.
  • Students MAY enter both the Silver & the Open Multidance in the same style.
  • Students MUST enter the Multidance level of the highest single dance entry level in a style.
  • For example: If a student enters single dance entries in Full Bronze and Pre Silver they would be eligible for the Silver Multidance NOT the Bronze Multidance in that style.
  • A student may dance two age levels. Their true age and one below.