Heat Lists for Competing Dancers

This heat list is only for your reference. Be sure that you and your teacher (if applicable) get a hard copy the most current heat list when you check in at the event.
Please be ready to dance 30 minutes prior to your start time as the event may be ahead of schedule.

Dancing With Chris Johnston

Session Heat Time Dance Name Level Age Place
3 633/B 8:07 PM American Cha Cha Open Advanced L-B1 3
3 634/B 8:08 PM American Rumba Open Advanced L-B1 2
3 635/B 8:10 PM American Swing Open Advanced L-B1 2
3 636/B 8:11 PM American Bolero Open Advanced L-B1 2
3 637/B 8:13 PM American Mambo Open Advanced L-B1 4
3 652 9:35 PM Pro/Am Open 'C American Rhythm Scholarship (C/R/SW/B/M) N/A L-